Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps Recruitment Exercise

Welcome! in this article you will be getting the vital information you need as regards to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps popularly known as Civil Defense. in this page we will be talking about the NSDC Portal ( ), Recruitment, salary/ranks, requirements for Registration and lots more that may guide you on how to apply.


Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), as a paramilitary body was established by the Nigerian Government in may 1967 and commissioned to provide measures against any form of attack against the nations citizens. The NSCDC was first introduced in May 1967, formerly known as Lagos Civil Defense Committee. which later grew into the present NSCDC in 1970. the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) primary duty is protect people lives and properties in conjunction with the Nigerian Police force.

NSCDC Recruitment Ranks

Nigerian Security and Civil defense is a para-military agency of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with the same ranking structure as both the Nigeria Army and Police Force in which the commander General is the Highest Rank and The Assistant Cadre the lowest rank

Salary Structure of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps

1.     Salary is based on the certificate with which you was given the Job

2.     Just as it is done in most of the Military and Paramilitary bodies in Nigeria, The NSCDC salary is based on Hierarchy.

NSCDC Hierarchy Rank Structure

·        Chief Superintendent Cadre; Level 12

·         Assistant Commander; Level 13

·        Deputy Commander; Level 14

·         Chief Commander; Level 15 –

·         Assistant Commander General; Level 16

·         Deputy Commandant General; Level 17

·         Commandant General. Level 18

·        Inspectorate Cadre; Level 6-12

·         Assistant Superintendent Cadre I; Level 8

·         Assistant Superintendent Cadre II; Level 9

·         Deputy Superintendent Cadre; Level 10

·         Superintendent Cadre; Level 11

·        Assistant Cadre;  Level 3-5

Rank on Special Cases

1.     Master's Degree Holders are positioned on level 9

2.     HND holders are positioned on level 7

3.     Graduates are positioned on Level 8

4.     Lawyers are positioned on level 9

5.     Medical doctors are positioned on level 12

Civil Defense General Recruitment requirements

1.     interested candidates must be between the age of 18-35 years

2.     you must be able to offer good health

3.     may applicants should be between the height limit of 1.7 meters and female 1.64 meters

4.      applicants must not have gone through major orthopedic surgery

5.     Applicants with problem related to the following are advised not to apply:  vision, hearing, stuttering, flatfoot, tattoos, etc

6.     You must be a Nigerian by birth

How do you apply for Civil Defense Recruitment

You can register online once the registration commence

kindly study the following steps before application:

1.     Eligible Candidates can head-over to NSCDS with the official website: or recruitment portal: and follow the instructions

2.     Complete all forms that must be completed offline.

3.     Also Print out all forms you have received as this may serve as proof of registration.

4.     Complete and view all online forms that you have received to prevent errors. Then submit your application.

Is Civil Defense Recruitment 2020 Ongoing?

No! the NSCDC recruitment form for 2020 is not yer available , updates will be communicated as soon as it is out. keep visiting this page to stay updated with latest news.

how many month is civil defense training?

the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps training usually last from 5-6 months.

How much is NSCDC form and where can it be obtained

NSCDC forms are free and can be obtained via their portal

Things to take note of:

1.     Only candidates who have meet up with the NSCDC requirements are advised to apply.

2.     Successful candidates will be displayed shortly after

3.     don't pay Money to anyone who claims to offer you a Job in the NSCDC

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