If your are a graduate or non graduate and seeking for job or wondering what is Buhari Young Farmers Network, then this page is for you. Buhari Young Farmers Network is the current ongoing recruitment for young Nigerians. By the time you finish going through this page, you will have a better understand of what the program is all about and decide if the program is for your or not. The program is launched by the presidency, President Muhamadu Buhari with the aim to employ 100 youths from the 37 States in Nigeria. By the end of 2021 about 2000 young Nigerians will be empowered from each Local Government, most especially the young graduates who just finished from the University and have not been able to secure good job.

What is Buhari Young Farmers Network

This program is a farming Network to employ 100 young Nigerians who are ready to go into farming, better said digital farming with the full support of the government. The program will begin with 100 candidates as mentioned above, then continue to recruit more persons and before 2021 runs out, about 2000 persons from each local government will be proud farmers and beneficiaries of this program. Also Mr. President shall leave a legacy, something to be remembered for.

The program offers four areas of enterprise which includes: Crop Production, Poultry Production, Animal Rearing and Fish Production.

When is the registration startingh

The registration is already ongoing, If you want to be among the first 100 candidates to benefit from this program, then continue reading to know the proper steps for a successful application. The steps for completing your application are discussed below.

As disclosed in the application page:

Buhari Young Farmers Network intends to start this pilot program with 100 young Nigerians from each local government with a target of 2000 young Nigerians per Local Government before the end of 2021 who will be engaged in farming activities across different priority value chains. Our aim is for Mr. President to leave a legacy and for his name to be immortalized. These young farmers will be encouraged to go into commercial farming by targeting youths especially graduates with the aim of catching them young and encouraging them to go into digital agriculture.

How to apply for Buhari Young Farmers Network

To apply visit https://nalda.ng/naldang/buhari-young-farmers-network/

Fill your information in the form provided, you be required to choose an enterprise, pick anyone that suits your interest.

You will be required to submit your passport.

Once the registration is completed, you should receive a congratulation message that looks like this:

Dear Buhari Young Farmer,

Congratulations for joining the Buhari Young Farmers Network. We have received your form and it is being processed. We will get back to you shortly.

Please check your email for a welcome email from NALDA and if you don't see it check your spam folder and then select the email and click on not spam to receive all emails from NALDA.
There is not need to print this information.
You will also receive an email containing the information you have submitted.

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