5 gadgets every college/university student needs

5 gadgets every college/university student needs cover

Most times, students coming out of secondary school ask themselves a lot of questions as they prepare to enter the tertiary institution. Today, i will answer one of those important questions, and that question being: what gadgets do i need in the university?

There are a lot of tools you need in school but i will only talk about five of those tools.

1. Alarm/radio clock :- I know that this may sound uncool or traditional but look at it from my perspective. Some students or rather people, are early risers while the rest aren't. Due to some difficult situations, some students had to wake up early almost everyday to prepare for school, but some had to be woken up because everything was prepared for them. The later people are the ones in need of an alarm clock but not only them. Alarms can aid both early risers and late wakers with getting to schedules on time. Prices range from 1500 to 5000 naira,depending on brand and quality.

2. Smartphones :- This gadget needs no preaching for because we all have our ways of using our phones. Smartphones won't only help with communication but also aid those without better gadgets like laptops or tablets to surf the web and finish assignments. This tool can help with communication and a whole lot more. Price ranges from 15000 naira and above.

3. Laptops :- Laptops, as i mentioned earlier are a better way to get work in school done. From taking notes to surfing the worldwide web, laptops are ready and capable because they are multipurpose gadgets. This tool however, doesn't come cheap. For people who are well-to-do, it's not a problem, but for struggling families, this gadget becomes a want and not a need. Price ranges from 20000 naira and above, depending on the brand and quality.

4. Reading lamps :- This is another important tool that aids learning in school. While some prefer to go to the school campus to read, you could use this tool in the comfort of your own apartment or room. If you're big on privacy and don't do well in crowds then i suggest you don't forget about this one. Not only is this important,but also necessary because you could use really good lighting and also use lamps when there is a power outage or when doing your homeworks at night. It is also much to use than kerosine lamps or candles. Price may range from 1500 naira and above.

5. Headphones :- This may be a good distraction from studies but could also aid concentration. Headphones are a good way to escape the noise or company of your fellow school mates and try to do something productive with that time. You could also use this to listen to audio lessons, videos and some banger music to make learning more fun. The price range for this gadget is 1500 naira and above, depending on the quality.

There are a lot of other cool gadgets students need to have smooth sailing while in school. The five listed above are just some of the essential tools students need while going through the university phase. If there are other things you'd like me to shed some light on, leave them in the comments section.

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