7 myths about education

7 myths about education cover


Almost all of us have come in contact with some of the myths I'm about to talk about in this article and some have believed them to be true. Over time, this myths have a become a reality for a great number of people. So, without wasting much of your time, lets dive right in and talk about this myths real quick.

1. Private or charter schools teach better- Now some of you might think I'm trying to pull your legs but on the contrary, what you believed in is just not true. Yes, private schools have a good environment and teachers might be paid better but that alone does not substantiate your claim. Public schools also do well and have graduated some of the most notable people in our society today.

2. Smaller classes produce better students-In most cases, this one here is true. Handling just a handful of students in a class rather than a whole lot of students has an advantage but does not mean the smaller classes boost performance. Some students in choked up classes might perform even better than most of them in the smaller classes.

3. Only teachers are responsible for learning-I never really paid attention to this one much because, i had friends whom i went to and understood them better than teachers. We all have or had people like than in classes. I stand firmly and i say, teachers in schools aren't solely responsible for learning.

4. Teachers have no clues about what they teach- Ever had that one teacher who did not bring notes to class but still had a lot to give in the classroom? That's your answer right there. Teachers don't just come to class and spill what they read the night before, or practice before coming to class. They are experienced educators and deserve that little ounce of respect. Although some teachers gave us doubts, teachers know what they are doing.

5. Performance of students has declined over time- Some believe this to be true, some don't. Recent studies show that performance of parents(when they were in school )and their children are almost the same, based on assessment tests and graduation rates.This myths were spawned by teachers' union and education policy makers.

6. Teachers get paid more but work less- We all know that a better part of the country's population that are poor comprise of teachers. The pay sucks, the work is hectic and most of us, the younger generation want nothing to do with this profession. Even though there is a lot of money going into the education sector, teachers get only a small cut, compared to other workers with higher educational credentials.

7. Most teachers don't care- With the bulky work teachers have to do, it sometimes looks like they don't care, but they do. If they didn't care, they wouldn't show up in the first place. Some tend to take out their frustration on students or push a little too far, but all these don't mean they care less.

If you have more to add to this, drop that thought in the comments section.

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