Dont do this if you want to succeed in Npower

Dont do this if you want to succeed in Npower cover

Congratulations if you've been shortlisted for deployment, I believe you've already proceeded to complete the biometrics verification process, if you have not done so already, please do so now while the opportunity still lasts.

Before you jump up in total excitement, you should also know that this is not the final stage, and there is a chance you can still be disqualified. Remember the Federal government earlier stated that it is looking forward to dropping 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) Shortlisted candidates from the total of Five Hundred and Fifty Thousand successful applicants.

Don't panic yet, you've made it this far and by God's grace, you will make it through. In the meantime, here are a few things you must not do, in other to increase your chance of succeeding.

Don't do this if you want to succeed in Npower 

  1. Don't change your state of residence: It was earlier published that Once an applicant is being deployed, there won't be room for redeployment. You probably might be thinking of changing your state of residence, before deployment, please don't.
  2. Don't leave any incorrect details in the bank: Make sure you visit your bank(s) to update all your information that does not correspond to the information you've provided during the Npower registration. As you may already know, information can be pulled from your bank for verification purposes.
  3. Don't forget your password, keep your password in a safe place you can always reach to. A good place will be saving it to your WhatsApp.

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