Free tips on how to handle yourself in university

Free tips on how to handle yourself in university cover


Going from secondary school into the university can be a scary and somewhat giant step. At first, it might seem like you can't make it but trust me, a lot of people had to take this giant leap too.

There are some ways folks cope with the new environment they find themselves in which is not healthy, so I've come up with some tips that might help you as you go into university or any tertiary institution. Being here is like being born into a new family and most times, you'd be required to think outside the box or do something outside your comfort zone which can be kind of frustrating but over time, it gets easy. So without wasting much of your time, lets talk about this tips real quick.

Independent study

This is a very serious factor to consider as you step into university. Unlike how teachers use weeks to help you revise for tests and exams, you have to do most of your studies on your own. Lecturers won't always be there to point out where and where to revise on or where to read for tests and exams.

Sometimes there will be an unexpected test or one you have been told is coming and it might be on a topic you weren't taught in the lecture halls. What do you do then?

All i am trying to say is this, you have to try putting in some extra work and not depend solely on your lecture notes.

Sleep and rest

Yes, you're a human being after all and you need a good rest and sound sleep so as to prepare yourself for another day of hard work. While some choose this time to do something productive, others use this time to party or hang out(which is nice until it isn't). I am not trying to say partying isn't good, I'm actually saying there is a lot you can accomplish in that small period of time.

Most times, I like to keep to myself and really do some thinking and this requires some alone time. I find this time to be soothing for me but, some company can be good too. All I'm saying is, rest and sleep properly so as to have a strong mind-body connection.

Socialize and make friends

University is the place where you meet your next family. Some of your secondary school friends might be there with you, some might not but don't be discouraged. Be open to conversations with new people and who knows, they might turn out to be the best decisions you ever make in your life.

Don't fly solo here or try to go it alone because it will not be easy. Friends help in some ways, be it financially or intellectually, and meeting new people and hearing from them can expand the way you see things and you might learn something as well.


Staying healthy in mind and body is something you should consider looking into. It might be odd at first and you might be the only one interested in doing this but don't just give up. Exercises have been proven to help sharpen the mind in some studies and though i may not present this facts to back up my claim, i'ts actually true. You might be a trend setter or you might make some friends as well in this field. Just remember this, "a healthy body equals a healthy mind".

These are just a few of those tips my friends. Eating healthy food and spending time with your peers and a whole bunch of other activities help boost your creativity help you cope in school as well. If you have other tips you might want to share, drop them in the comments section. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

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