How to Check JAMB 2022 Result with Registration Number - Tutorial

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board

How to Check JAMB 2022 Result with Registration Number - Tutorial cover

Check jamb result with registration number - This article will walk you through the steps to successfully check your 2022 jamb result on your phone, computer, or any other digital device that can connect to the internet.

The JAMB examination body has released the result for the just concluded 2022 UTME examination, candidates should follow this guide to check their JAMB result using ther registration number.

The result is available on the JAMB official website and the steps below will help you assess your result on the JAMB official website.

What is JAMB Registration Number

During the exam registration process, candidates will be given a 10-digit registration number that will serve as their identity. This Registration Number is used to gain access to and unlock all JAMB services. Your Registration number is on the printout that is given to you after registration. You need this number in other to check your JAMB result using your registration number.

How to Check JAMB 2022 Result with Registration Number

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To Check your JAMB 2022 result, visit the official jamb registration number portal - website result checking portal to check your result, a step by step outine has been provided below to guide you through this process.

Here is how to check your JAMB result using your registration number;

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your phone
  2. Visit the JAMB result checker portal
  3. Click on the JAMB result checker
  4. Enter your JAMB registration number or phone number in the box
  5. Click on the check my result button
  6. Allow the page to load to see your result.

After checking your JAMB result what next? You need to print out your result, follow this steps below to learn how to print out your JAMB result.

Print JAMB Result

If you own a printer at home or at your work place, then its no big deal printing your result, simply press Ctrl + P or go to file in the menu bar and select print, your print and make your print order. Alternatively, visit any cyber Cafe near your to print your result, you will still be required to provide your registration number.


If you have any challenge checking your JAMB Result using your Email address, please leave a comment below and I will be happy to help.

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