How to check your 2020 UTME Jamb Result

How to check your 2020 UTME Jamb Result cover

If you are among the candidates that sat for the 2020 UTME Examination, then this post is for you. In this post, we are shall discuss on how to check your JAMB 2020 UTME result using two different methods. The first method which is checking your result with your registered JAMB Phone Number, that is, the phone number you used in receiving your JAMB Profile Code and the second method is checking your result from the browser.

In the second method, you will need either your phone number, JAMB reg no or the email address you used during your JAMB 2020 registration.

We are aware that up until this very moment, many candidates have not been able to see their UTME 2020 examination scores, which could be caused by one of the following: 1. You lost the sim card used in receiving your JAMB profile code. 2. You cannot tell which particular sim you used during your JAMB Registration. 3. You have been sending RESULT to 44019, but JAMB has not yet replied you with your JAMB 2020 scores. 4. You have been sending RESULT to the wrong code. 5. You cannot find your JAMB E-Slip, 6. You cannot login to your JAMB online profile. 7. You have lost access to your E-Mail address.

If you are facing any of the problems listed above, then not to worry, you can still check your JAMB 2020 examination Score. All you have to do is continue reading to find a solution that best fit the problem you are facing.


Method 1 - Using your registered Sim

  1. Send RESULT as a message from the sim you used during your JAMB registration, that is the sim you received your JAMB profile code in to 44019. e.g. RESULT - 44019

if you have lost the sim card you used during your JAMB Registration or have been texting to 44019 and no reply yet, proceed to using method 2 explained below:

Method 2 - Using the JAMB Result Checker Page Online

The URL provided below is now thesame as the previous URL. This URL is provided by JAMB recently and should work fine if you stick with the instructions provided below.

  1. visit or copy and paste on a new tap
  2. Enter your Email Address or Phone Number or JAMB Reg Number
  3. Click on Check my result
  4. Click on Print (if have a printer installed)

Note: If you click on Check my Result and nothing happens, be sure you have allowed pop up for this page to see else do so. A quick google search should guide you on how to allow pop for the browser you are using.

If after following the steps provided above and still cannot check your JAMB Result, drop a comment below and I will do my best to respond as soon as I can.

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