How to get Admission on any Course in Nigeria

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Hi! If you have landed this page, then you probably must be looking for an admission to study your dream course in your desired school. First lets admit to it that securing admission into any University in Nigeria is not easy and its not getting easier either. With that being said, we must also acknowledge the fact that 70% of the reason why many persons could not get admission to study their desire courses is most likey because they do no follow laid down protocols which is the main focus of this article. This article will go a long way in revealing the secret on how to get admission on any course in Nigeria.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has put in much effort to assist in the process of securing an admission into University, Polytechnics, Colleges etc. by providing a clear path, for any student seeking admission to follow, some of this protocols are not yet known by students which is why we have decided to write this article to help you digest this few protocols and provide you with what you should know and what is expected of you in other to study your dream course in the school you have choosen.

The steps we have provided in this document is applicable to other schools.

How to get Admission on any Course in Nigeria

Follow the steps provided below carefully, if you really want to get admission to study any course. We are 100% sure that the steps provided here will land you an admission to study your dream course and how do we know? We know because many persons have reported back to us with testimonies how this article has really helped them. So if you are ready to study your dream course, lets get started.

Step One - Understand the Course you want to study

Clearly, it is no longer news that many graduates from Nigeria universities today cannot boldly defend the course he/she has studied from school. And many who are still studying don't even know where this course will take them, they can't tell what kind of job they can be employed for when they finally get a certificate for the course they are studying. At the point of obtaining your JAMB FORM, many will fill in any course and say to oneselve, when I get to school, I will learn about the course or Nigeria is not about the course you study, you can study law and work as a doctor. If you're one of those, I tell you that is your first failure.

Not understanding the course you intend to study at the University alone can disqualify you from getting admission, 

Why? because you simply don't understand what you are dealing with, you don't understand what it takes to study this course, you don't even know the schools offering this course nor that which offers this course best. 

So how do you solve this problem? good, now you are ready to learn.. before you even fill your JAMB UTME FORM, decide the course you want to study, wait! DO NOT LET YOUR PARENT DECIDE YOUR COURSE FOR YOU. If you are confuse on which course to go for, then it is ok to reach out to your parents for help. Once you have decide your course, visit this link, find this course and read about the course, proceed further by making google search to know more about your dream course and if there is anyone within your reach who have studied this course, reach to him/her for counselling. Do all this and you will return here to testify your glory.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Step Two - Know the Required Cut of mark for your dream course

We have had many cases of students who ask to know the cut of mark for a course only after JAMB results have been released. THIS IS A GRAVE MISTAKE probably one of the biggest reason you have not had admission. Why is this bad? See reasons below

Why you should know your course cut off mark even before you fill the JAMB form.

This will help you know what you are aiming for.

This will help your prepare better for the UTME exams.

If you wait until results are out before finding out the cut off points for your course, possibility is you will may have scored lower than required, secondly, you will then begin to look for a school that will accept you for what you have scored and at the end of the day, you are force to make a change of course to study a course you never intended.

To know the average required cut of points for each course studied in Nigeria Schools visit this link

To know the required cut of points for a course in a specific school, visit pick any school and scroll to the buttom to see a list of courses offered and its required points.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Before concluding this step, note that there is a general cut of marks for universities, polytechnic colleges etc. which is considered the average points. But then many courses have a required cut off points outside the average. 

Step Three - Does your O'Level Result has what it takes to study this course?

JAMB has made it known on many of its articles that your O'Level result is a major factor used for screening. If you must get admission to study any course, then you must have the necessary requirements on your O'Level result. What we mean by necessary requirement is having a credit on the required subjects for that specific course including English and Mathematics. 

Note: Even if you have every other subject and failed only one, It will greatly affect you negatively leading to you not being able to get admission for that course. 

Hint: You can always combine two results. What we mean by this is, you can combine your NECO and WAEC result or any other result to meet the course requirement.

We have taken the time to document on all courses offered in Nigeria schools here, including the cut of points required, SSCE Requirement, Direct Entry Requirement and some special considerations for each course. go check it out.

Step Four - Upload your O'Level on JAMB Portal

I work at a Cyber Cafe and we have seen many cases of students not being offered admission for this one reasons. Since the introduction of JAMB CAPS, it is required of every student to return back to any JAMB CBT center to upload his/her O'Level result after the initial registration that was done before the exams. Without taking this step, JAMB will consider you do not have an O'Level and eventually disqualify you.

Step Five - Stay Up To Date

If have you gone through the above three steps, read and understand about your desired course and your credentials meet the requirements of the course your are applying for, then congratulations. All that is left of you now is keeping up to date with relevant information and news. 

Don't let your golden opportunity slip off your hands. Always check back to this website to know the latest updates on any school and when the screening date has been fixed if any.

Step Six - Register For POST UTME on your choice of institution

In the previous stage, we asked you to stay up to date, that's because you can only know when your choice of institution is open for new intake when you're always checking the news. After writing your JAMB Examination and meet all necessary requirement, the next think is applying to your choice of institution. On many schools, the process is carried out on a portal (The school's portal). Visit the school portal to complete the POST UTME FORM, if you have challenges finding your way around the internet, visit a nearby cyber cafe to complete this process.

We have provided on each page of every school the portal to use for completing your POST UTME FORM

Step Five - Accept your Admission on JAMB CAPS

After all of the above have been considered, all you have to do next is check your JAMB CAPS very often and when given admission you click on the accept button, and proceed to print your admission letter and jamb original result. 

Tip: This is for those who read up to this point. Many of our clients have reported this to work well for them and should work for you too. If you have waited and have not been given admission yet, visit the school and inquire directly from the staffs. We are not referring to the lecturers of the school or just any staff, we are talking of the Staffs in the Admission Unit. Go to them with your files, help them understand that your document meet the requirements for this course and you have not been given admission, Please don wait too long because the department you are applying for might become filled. Go to them early enough. 

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