How to get your jamb profile code for 2021/2022 Jamb Registration

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board

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Welcome to my Blog where I share ideas and the latest news on education, jobs, scholarships, and more. In this article I will explain everything you need to know about the JAMB PROFILE CODE and how to get your jamb profile code for 2021/2022 jamb Registration and also for those who want to retrieve their lost profile code, I have a solution here for you, just keep reading.

In this article, I have answered the following questions

What is Jamb Profile Code and Why do you need it?

The JAMB profile code is the new way the board has decided to enroll students for her examination. In other, for you to register for the JAMB examination, you'll need to first generate a profile code that will then be used to process your JAMB Registration. While we're here, it is important to note that this profile code is not transferrable and must be generated using your personal sim card and not your dad or mum's own.

Obtaining a profile Code - How to get your jamb profile code for 2021/2022 

Now that you know what JAMB profile code is, let's learn how to generate one:

You will need a sim card and a mobile phone to begin your registration process, pay close attention to the following notes:

  • i. One sim card cannot be used by two or multiple persons, One candidate, one sim card
  • ii. The Cell phone number used to create the profile code is automatically tied to the Candidate’s name and will be used in all communications related to his/her JAMB related issues. An example is if you want to make a change of course or institution, you will be required to provide the sim card you used for generating this code.
  • ii. Do not use someone's number, not even your father, mother, or sister's own use your own SIM and be sure you can always reach for this sim card.

If you have your sim card and phone ready,

  1. Type the word 'NIN' then space and add your 11 digit NIN number and send to 55019 by SMS
  2. - e.g [NIN 00123456789]
  3. - There should be a space between the word 'NIN' and your 11 digit NIN
  4. You will instantly get a text message reply containing your 10 digit profile code. Do not worry if the reply takes a little longer, sometimes the could be network related issues.


To correct a mistake in the candidate’s name, send the [CORRECT Surname First-Name Middle-Name] to 55019 as a text message from the same mobile number

How can I get my lost jamb profile code?

To retrieve a lost Profile Code, send [RESEND] to 55019 as a text message from the same mobile number

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An alternative way to retrieve your JAMB profile code

Get your profile code from your jamb profile dashboard: This method is cost-free

  1. Visit JAMB e-facility portal
  2. Log in to your candidate's profile with your JAMB profile email and its password 
  3. This will take you to your Dashboard. Here you will see at the top "Hello! Welcome Back, Joel Joe Joe... Registration Profile Code: 40241**931

An Alternative Two to retrieve lost JAMB profile code - Getting your code from your registered email address

Yet another cost-free method of retrieving your Jamb Profile code

  1. Log in to your email you used while creating the profile or used for your JAMB registration
  2. Locate the message sent to you that very day.
  3. If you'd already got a lot of messages that, it becomes difficult for you to see the JAMB's ones, use the search box inside your email dashboard. Type in "JAMB" and hit the enter key (search). This will return only a few messages you got from JAMB or that have to do with JAMB. Then, check for the right one. 
  4. The message that contains the profile code will look like the one above.

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