NDA Exam Date For 72nd Postpone - Regular Course Admission

Nigerian Defence Academy


This is to inform all candidates who showed interest in just concluded NDA Online Application that the exam which was initially scheduled to hold on the 30 May 2020 has now been postponed till further notice. This is result from the ongoing fight against the novel Corona Virus and has put the country in difficult times.

Indeed it was obvious to many that the exams was never going to hold, following the law posed by the President of Nigeria few months which restrict movement between states and only allowed movement within states for a certain duration. For this reasons, if the exam was to be conducted, candidates would have find it very difficult to make it to the exam venue if not impossible, most candidates from other states.

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What is the new date for the NDA Exam for 72nd Regular Course Admission

As at the time of this writing, the new date for the exams have not been disclosed to the media, If you want to be notified once this date is announced, drop a comment with your email address in the comments section below.

Nevertheless, we encourage you to frequently visit the NDA application portal and also check your email address very often to keep up to date with any new changes or development that may arise.

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