No JAMB Admission ? Here is what to do

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No JAMB Admission ? Here is what to do cover

Have you not been given Admission yet? Did you score upto 160 in your JAMB and have not been admitted to your choice is institution? No JAMB Admission ? Here is what to do.

If you score upto 160 in your JAMB and your admission was rejected there something you're not not right.

Uploading of O'Level result.

One primary factor that may have affected your application is your O'Level result. After sitting for your JAMB examination, the next step is uploading of your O'Level result to the JAMB portal. This is a vital step that cannot be overlooked. Without your O'Level result uploaded, you cannot secure an admission even if you scored 300 in your JAMB.

According to JAMB, O'Level result can only be uploaded at a JAMB CBT centre, if you uploaded you result at a cyber cafe then you did it wrong.

Verification of O'Level result upload

After submitting your result to a CBT centre for upload, wait a day or two then login into your JAMB portal and verify that the result have been added. This again is a crucial step and must be taken serious. The steps to verify your O'Level result upload are given below:

Steps to verify your O'Level result

1. Visit:

2. Click on "Click here to Redirect to JAMB Main Site"

3. Open the menu and click on CAPS (Candidates) E-facility

4. Enter your login information (email and password).

5. Once login, click on check admission status

6. Click on access my CAPS

Screenshot_20210303-085515 thumbnail

7. Click on O'Level result. From here you should see your result displayed.

Solution to O'Level result not yet uploaded

If it turns out your O'Level result have not been upload, what you need to do is find a way and get your result upload, verify it had been upload, then contact your institution and let them know your O'Level result has recently been uploaded. Visit here find your institution using the search box, click on it. Scroll to contact section to find email, address and phone number of your institution. A recommended approach to contact your institute is to visit the school in person.

Did you pass the required subject on your O'Level result?

Here is another culprit why you've not been admitted

For every course you want to study, there are certain subjects you must credit on your O'Level result.

Visit here

Search the course you want to study,

Click to view course,

Scroll to UTME requirement to see the required subjects you must credit in your O'Level result. And also not the subjects you are required to have one your JAMB result.

Your department is filled up

Many schools have a maximum number of student to take for each department, chances are, the department you're applying for is filled up even before the could get to your file.

In such cases you may want to consider changing to another course. If so, your solution is to go to your institution and make enquiry of which department is still available in your field. If any, then you're expected to make a change of course.

If changing of course is not an ideal solution for you, then you should consider applying to another institution. If you go with this choice, you will still need to make a change of institution.

You can find a list of course and the various schools offering each course here


If you're determine to secure an admission this year, then you'll. Else you'll give excuse. Above are the common culprit that's hinders you from getting admission.

Find what you suspect to be affecting you and follow up to fix it with the sol

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