Npower 2021 Shortlisted Candidate List after Exams

Npower 2021 Shortlisted Candidate List after Exams cover

Did you partake in the ongoing Npower Examination that will soon come to an end for the next phase of the exercise to take effect? If yes, then what did you score? As of the time of this writing, Npower has not disclosed any passing grade score. So whether you score 5 or 100, don't lose hope. In this article Npower 2021 Shortlisted Candidate, I have discussed all you need to know and what to expect after the examination phase has been concluded.

After the Npower examination what next?

Once the examination phase is concluded, Npower will release names of candidates that successfully pass the screening. The screening is done by reviewing your score and the credentials you have supplied. If you've scanned and submitted fake credentials, you are likely going to be excluded

Has Npower released the names 2021 batch c shortlisted candidates?

No the list of shortlisted candidates is yet to be out. Leave a comment below if you want to be notified when the list is out.

When will the shortlisted Npower 2021 list be out?

No precise date has been set for the list of Npower 2021 shortlisted candidates to be published on the Internet. We encourage you to check back on this site very often as we shall immediately publish the list here once it has been released for public viewing.

What is Npower Nigeria all about?

This question is frequently ask and if you don't fully understand what Npower is, what the program is meant for, and many other pieces of stuff, we encourage you to read through this article that fully documents all you need to know about Npower.

Npower Recruitment for Unemployed Nigerians All you need to know.

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