Oyo State Approves School Resumption on September 21, 2020

Oyo State Approves School Resumption on September 21, 2020 cover

Everything is closing in as various states have approve the resumption of school while other states are still working hard to put together the requirements needed before allowing students back to classrooms. Oyo State's Governor, Seyi Makinde has officially given the go ahead for school to resump acivities in Oyo state. This includes both Private and Public Schools, Primary Secondary and Tertiary Institutions. Oyo State Approves School Resumption on September 21, 2020.

Students are expected to be in classroom from 21st of September 2020 which is only a week from today 16th.

The instructions to resump school activities in the state are followed with guidelines for the principals and school heads to follow. Here are the guidelines that must be strictly keep to:

a. To avoid a crowd environment and maintain social distancing, Schools must maintain shifting. Meaning the school system will now have Morning shift and afternoon shift students. This is not going to be easy on the part of teachers and instructors, because now, same lectures will be given twice a day.

  • Primary One (1) to Primary Three (3) and JSS1 to JSS 3 - 8:00am - 11:00am
  • Primary Four (4) to Primary Six (6) and SS1 to SS3 - 12noon - 3:00pm

b. Schools are also saddled with the reponsibility to provide a team of Covid-19 TaskForce to see to the fact these guidelines are strictly followed, by appoint two persons including staffs.

c. In tight situations like this, the population of students still can be overwhelming in some schools. If so, then schools are adviced to utilize all of the available space including Laboratories and Libraries as classrooms in other to accomodate students and still maintain social distancing.

The Academic board of institutions are expect to comply strictly with the guidelines on re-opening.

Schools have been shutdown since in March due to the corona virus out break.

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