Resumption around the corner; What should schools do?

Resumption around the corner;  What should schools do? cover

The question on every student's mind is, "when will schools resume"?. The covid 19 pandemic has already stolen about eight weeks of the academic calendar and looking to steal more due to rise in number of covid 19 patients in the country.

Though no date has been set yet, schools are prepping to recieve teachers and students to learn in a safe environment. When resumption takes place, primary and secondary schools would be rounding up with their third term and tertiary institutions would be starting or completing their session.

In order for schools to resume, certain conditions have been put in place by the Minister of State for Education, Mr.Chukwuemeka Nwaijuba, at the Policy Meeting on Admissions to Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria. There is to be provision of certain materials like body temperature checks, hand washing facilities,body disinfectants at entry points into facilities in the school like, hostels, classes, and offices. 

The environment is to be completely decontaminated, high level of hygiene and physical distancing must be strictly observed, and students will not be allowed into halls without face masks. As students grow impatient about school, some proprietors on the other hand are hesitant to open schools.

Some have complained that there are no adequate measures put in place to check students returning from epi-centres like Kano and Lagos states. Due to the congestion in school campuses, social distancing will be difficult, and the cost of soaps, sanitizers and masks has to be considered as well.

While other proprietors are not ready to take this risk, there are some not-so-populated institutions that are ready to resume normal school activities. Soaps will be provided, sanitizers will be put in place, and face masks will be provided for the students and teachers as well.

So, do you see resumption happening in the nearest future? What do you think schools should do to tackle this problem?

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