School resumption update. Addressing class size before resumption

School resumption update. Addressing class size before resumption cover


The decision to re-open schools by the federal government has been left to the various state governments to decide. The major concern of the state government is the large class size of many public and private schools which would not be allowed because of the required physical distancing due to the pandemic.

The federal government has not fixed a date for resumption, even though a lot of schools are itching to open again for teaching and learning.

The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 response said their were asked to leave the decision on resumption of schools and churches to the states governments, All states government are now preparing protocols for resumption.

The directorate of schools, parents and teachers are not left out because their have being asked to presented suggestions to the government on how schools should resume operation. And presently, a lot of suggestions are flowing in.

The major concern of the state government about the resumption of schools is the issue of overcrowding, especially in public schools. A lot of public schools has up to 100 pupils in each class which is against the physics distance policy. Normally the internationally recommended class size should be from (15-40) per class.

Chief Adeolu Ogunbanjo, the Deputy National President, National Parent-Teacher Association of Nigeria (NAPTAN),


Spoke to the newsmen saying, overcrowding and congestion in public schools is our major concern.

The private schools are disappointed that till now the PTF has not given a date for schools to resume. However, Chief Adeolu Ogunbanjo advised the government to slow down on re-opening schools, in other to prevent mistakes that could cause lives and risk the spread of the virus especially as figures of COVID-19 cases are still rising.

He recommended that if schools eventually re-opens, there should be in shifts of morning, afternoon and evening sessions so pupils can adhere strictly to social distancing rules.

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