School to Resume for Primary 6, Jss3, SS3 And Final Year Students

School to Resume for Primary 6, Jss3, SS3 And Final Year Students cover

Nigeria Schools:Primary 6, Jss 3, SS3 and Final year Student should get ready to get back on the race, to avoid a crowd situation, these set of classes only might resume school sooner than we all think.

Resulting from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, so many activities has been on hold, including schools activities, causing greater effects on the outgoing final year students preparing for their examinations. Nevertheless, the government of Nigeria is not asleep, it understand how negatively the stay at home policy has affected our children, that is why preparations are being made for the outgoing students to return to school and complete their final examination.

This information was disclose by the chairman, Dr. Onwubuya John Abraham, heading the COVID -19 situation room and studies center. He call on the government to allow schools resume activities for the outgoing final examination candidates, while other classes remain at home.

With concern for the student's health and to prevent our children from carrying home COVID-19 to our parents who are more prone to it. Dr. Onwubuya John has specifically requested the government to only allow these set of classes mentioned above to resume school activities to avoid a crowed environment.

If the above classes resume school, then the population will be split into the available classrooms. This information was made known on Wednesday 3rd of June 2020, during the unveiling of the studies Centre in Abuja.

While appealing to the authorities to allow for the resumption of school for Primary six pupils, JSS 3 and SS 3 students, and final year college students of tertiary establishments, he also appreciate the few institutions who made effort to engage students on e-learning platforms.

He said “We want to join our voices with concerned Nigerians in attractive to the federal authorities to make instantaneous arrangements for final year college students in all our schools and educational establishments to resume and take their final assessments. These include Primary six pupils, JSS 3 and SS 3 students, and final year college students of tertiary establishments.

What of the ban on interstate movement?

If schools are to resume activities for any reason, then the authorities will have to first lift the ban on interstate movement. This is to allow students be able to travel to their various schools.

The chairman also call on the authorities to raise the ban on interstate actions pronouncing it has failed in its duties to avoid inter movement between states.

Despite the ban placed on interstate movements, people are still visiting other people at other states, although at a very high expense. The cost price for travelling has drastically increase of which even if schools were to open for any reason, a student might not be able to afford the bill for transportation if his/her school is located at another state.

Can a student survive the cost of living at this time?

We all know the present situation has cost price increase not only in transportation but almost in everything that sells in Nigeria. If schools where to resume today, can a final year student (year 4) survive the present economic situation? We pray the government also lift the ban on markets, allowing markets to open each day. This will not only cut down the price of things like food stuffs but will also lessen the crowns that besiege the markets.

He additionally appeals that markets must not be limited to only a few days in the week, advising that they could open each day to lessen crowds that besiege the markets.

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