School will come back to section soon but date not yet fixed

The Federal Government has made it clear that school will reopen as soon as possible and this will be done probably in two weeks time this was disclosed by the minister of state for Education Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba at the time when the presidential task force hard a conference at Abuja also with the news going about that schools will be reopen in two weeks interval.

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The Federal Government in order to prevent the further spread of corona virus has suspended all schools in Nigeria and this suspension is indefinite.

The Minister further disclosed that the Federal Government is not interested in putting children's lives in Danger as to the further spread of the Corona virus (Covid 19) ,and that schools will come back to section when the children safety is sure.

He also said that his ministry is working tirelessly with some relevant stakeholders so as to make provision for preventive measures of the covid 19 hence it has no final cure yet before the children can go back to school.

He further added that they are also concerned about the reopening of schools but he cannot confirm the news that schools will come back to section in two weeks time.

According to him:The five countries of West African Examination Council (WAEC) are meeting and I just came out of a meeting with African Union (AU) Ministers of Education, everybody is concerned as you are. We hope to reopen very soon.

This morning, I met with the Ministry of Science and Technology. We are looking at putting a system in place that can disinfect every child as he goes into a school and disinfect him as he goes out.

“If we resource our schools properly we can begin to reopen. But we must be able to ensure that the children go in safe and come out safe and not become a conduit for further infection in society.”


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