UNIABUJA Gets Accreditation for 14 New Courses

UNIABUJA Gets Accreditation for 14 New Courses cover

The University of Abuja has secured the approval for 14 new programmes from the National Universities Commission.

This information was disclosed in a statement by the Head, Information and University Relations at the University of Abuja, Dr Habib Yakoob.

Although the Computer Science programme wasn't accredited, four got interim accreditation and ten of the programmes secured full accreditation, which sums up to fourteen total programmes.

The four interim accredited courses are; Education Physics, Educational Administration, Banking and Finance, and then Planning and Primary Education studies.

The ten accredited courses are; Education Arabic Studies, Education Christian Religious Studies, Education Islamic Religious Studies, Public Administration, Education Geography, Education English, Guidance and Counseling, Law, Microbiology and Chemistry.


The Vice-chancellor of the University, Prof. Abdul-Rasheed Na'Allah, made a statement as well and i quote, "Just a few days ago, your university received the results of the November 2019 National Universities Commission (NUC) accreditation visit to the UofA of Nigeria; and out of the fifteen (total number of programs visited), it is only one of the, Computer Science, that we have difficulty in,which the Academic Planning Office, working with the academic department concerned, would prepare an appeal for a revisit and a reevaluation."

In another statement, the Vice-chancellor said the management of the university was working tirelessly with all academic departments and facilities to uplift the university to a higher standard.

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