What to do after JAMB registration

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Yes, what is the next move after you must have completed your JAMB registration process? Do you know what to do after JAMB registration? Such a simple question but technically difficult to answer for those who do not know where to go from here. The answer to this question is right here in this article but before we discuss your next move, I suppose you don't plan to relax on a couch watching the time pass by and hoping to purchase some expo or hire someone to write for you like it was done in the old days? Sorry pall, this is the 21st century and technology has changed many things and I am sorry to break it to you that not even with the power of infinity stones can you cheat.

What to do after JAMB registration 

  • Read, Read and Reread: Yes that's our first goto, you need to read as much as your brain can take, read as you've never read before because you're going to need it to pass your examination.
  • Purchase a JAMB CBT Software: It will be too expensive to purchase past questions in the market, so therefore we recommend you buy a CBT app from any of the vendors online. CBT app are available on mobile, desktop, laptop, and IOS.
  • Spend 70%: of your time reading alone 10% reading with friends and 20% practicing past questions using a JAMB CBT APP you've purchased earlier.
  • And lastly, never get your eyes off this blog if you want to stay updated with mind-blowing articles that will help you pass your JAMB and updated.

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