Amherst College Scholarships


If you are looking to study in the United States, then this might be your golden opportunity, this scholarship will offer you the privileged to study in the United States and also secure a job at the end of your study.

The scholarship is offered by Amherst College, Amherst is also a name of a place, and this college happens to be named after the place. Amherst College is a private liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts. Founded in 1821 as an attempt to relocate Williams College by its then-president Zephaniah Swift Moore, Amherst is the third oldest institution of higher education in Massachusetts.

We prepare students to use ideas to make a difference in the world. Since our 1821 founding, Amherst has demonstrated steadfast confidence in the value of the liberal arts and the importance of critical thinking. Today, our financial aid program is among the most substantial in the nation, and our student body is among the most diverse. Small classes, an open curriculum and a singular focus on undergraduate education ensure that leading scholars engage daily with talented, curious students, equipping them for leadership in an increasingly global and complex world.

About the Scholarship - Financial Aid Award

Once you are accepted for admission and your financial need is determined, a financial aid award that is equal to your need will be offered. Emails regarding financial aid awards will be sent soon after admission emails are sent to first-year and transfer applicants. The award is sometimes called an "aid package" because it may include both self-help (employment) and gift aid (scholarships and grants). Students with lower financial need will be offered self-help. Students with greater need will be offered a combination of self-help and gift aid. Amherst College has replace all initially packaged, need based student loans with grant assistance and also offers $2,200 in an employment opportunity.

Students may decide to borrow a student loan to purchase a computer, to replace the summer savings expectation, or to replace work in the aid package. Need-based student loans are interest-free while you are in school and low-interest during repayment after graduation. Any remaining need is met with scholarship - aid that does not have to be repaid.

You do not have to accept aid offered in the form of self-help in order to receive gift aid from the College. The College, however, will not replace the self-help component of your aid package with scholarship or grant assistance.

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