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Do you have interest in studying IT and building a tech career at Europe? Then this post is for you. Baltic institute of technology is offering free scholarship to anyone who is ready to study IT development diploma in IT in one of the main technology hub in Europe.

How to win this scholarship:

This scholarship is completely free of charge, all you have to do is complete the online assessment test and put in all of your best to score at least 12 - 13 out of the total score of 15 to qualify for a formal interview. There are 15 questions in total and each question carries 1 Mark. There is no time count down for completing the test, so take your time to solve each question well and pick the appropriate answer.

Requirement for European Professional Diploma in ITin one of the main technology hubs in Europe scholarship.

You do not need to have any IT experience to qualify, or first degree, all you need is:

1. SSCE result ( This could be either WAEC NECO or GCE)

2. You must be above 18 years and also below 35 years.


Baltic Institute of Technology, a leading IT institution in the Baltics now offers a special European diploma programme in IT development for anyone who is interested in a career in IT. You will not need a university degree or previous experience in IT in order to apply. This programme is created for talented prospects of any background, as long as you pass an IT aptitude test. 

Created in one of the main hubs for technology in Europe, Lithuania, this programme focuses on providing talent for one of the fastest growing sectors in Europe – ICT.

The special programme will last 14 months in total. During the first 7 months you will receive 8 hours of lecturing and mentoring a day – from industry leading IT professionals – in a virtual environment. After that, you will have 7 additional months to finish your project and find a workplace that aligns with your goals.



  • Introduction to programming                    
  • Basics of Software development                                
  • Introduction to app development
  • European business regulation

By the end of the programme, you will be a BIT certified developer with a strong knowledge of JavaScript technologies.

You will also be assisted in setting up your own company in the EU as well as guided through the process of doing business and working as a developer in the EU. 

Admission to the programme is strictly regulated and only those who pass the test will be invited for an interview. During the interview you will be given additional control questions, your level of English will be examined and the student aid assistance manager will assess your motivation for the scholarship. 

You will only get one attempt to complete the test.


Baltic Institute European diploma study programmes consist of courses which teach leading technologies in the market. You will learn front-end and back end web development, as well as app developments. The knowledge obtained over a relatively short period of time will cover a very broad range of the needs of the job market, therefore you will be able to decide yourself after the programme, which field you want to specialize in.

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