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Programme: Degree (Universities)
Sponsor: Private
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Ajayi Crowther University also known as AJAYI is a Private Degree (Universities) established in 1921 (101 years ago). The school offers over 21 undergraduate courses, It is located in Oyo. AJAYI has a public profile for anyone who wants to know more about the institution and can be accessed via its website. Visit AJAYI landing page on www.acu.edu.ng or visit the school portal on www.acu.edu.ng to apply for admission. Other vital informations such as courses offered, UTME requirement, Direct Entry requirement, and the school photos are available below.

Does AJAYI have hostel accommodation

AJAYI has a provision for hostel accomodation to students who desire to live within the school premises.

Hostels accomodation is dedicated to making students living stress free and to reduce the cost fee for renting a house outside the school premises.


The Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo was established by the Supra Diocesan Board (West) of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), has its origins in the defunct CMS training institution, Abeokuta and the defunct St. Andrews College, Oyo. The University started as CMS Training Institution in Abeokuta in 1853 from where it was relocated to Lagos (1868 to 1896). In March 1896, it was transplanted to Oyo retrospectively in 1920. At inception, St. Andrews College, Oyo produced holders of Grade II Teachers Certificate while the Divinity Course for training church ministers was added to the curriculum between 1910 and 1942 and the proprietorship of the College was transferred from CMS, London to the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). A salient feature in the History of St. Andrews is that it became welded to the church as a snail is inseparably linked with its shell. In 1977 Government took over the control and administration of all schools in the Nigerian Federation and with this development the Church of Nigeria was divested of her Proprietorship of the College. However, the St. Andrews College Old Boys Association (SACOBA) interest and by extension that of the Church, in the growth and development of St. Andrews did not wane. Thus, in response to SACOBA's petition, the erstwhile Oyo State Government upgraded the Institution to NCE campus in 1980 and to the full fledged College of Education in 1985. The dream of all Andrians (products of St. Andrews College) and their well wishers as well as the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) was that St. Andrews College, Oyo, should ultimately be transformed into a full-fledged University, given her success story and her pioneering role as the Precursor of Tertiary Education in Nigeria. the final step towards fulfilling this dream was taken on 7 September, 1999 when the Church of Nigeria granted SACOBA's request for the establishment of Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo at the site of the former St. Andrews College, Oyo under the proprietorship of the Church. Having satisfied the rigorous criteria prescribed by the National Universities Commision (NUC) for the establishment of Universities in Nigeria, Ajayi Crowther University (ACU) was granted license to operate as a Private University in Nigeria on 7 January 2005. The University is named after the late Samuel Ajayi Crowther, the first African Bishop who first translated the bible into Yoruba. His Episcopal Ministry covered the entire West African sub-continent.

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AJAYI School Address?
Ajayi Crowther University is located in Oyo State, Oyo Local Government Area.
School Address: P.M.B. 10066, Oyo, Oyo State
Phone Number: +2348162692708

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Ajayi Crowther University courses and departments:

The following is a list of courses offered in AJAYI
Courses Jamb Points
Education and Computer Science
Education and English Language
Industrial chemistry
Physics with electronics

Frequent questions asked

AJAYI cut off mark 2022

The average cut off mark for AJAYI is 160. It is important to note that this cut off mark may not be applicable for all courses, some courses may require you to score higher, while some even lower.

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